This is the week!  The Pensacola Blue Wahoos open their home campaign on April 11th and Beyond the Grape will be there!  We’ll be set up on the 3rd base line all season serving up wine and tasty wine smoothies.  Come on by on Wednesday and for the rest of the season to say hello, try a glass of wine, or a refreshing wine smoothie!


About Beyond the Grape in Pensacola

Beyond The Grape is the most fun place in Cordova Mall and a unique regional attraction

We offer a carefully selected range of artisan, small production wines from around the world as well as Florida and Sweet Wines. From sweet to dry, exotic to classic, local to international, we have something for every wine lover.

If you’d like to have our wines shipped to you, call us at 850-696-2916 or and we will get back to you right away.